Stephen Wells

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The Story of


Who was the 'real' Sherlock Holmes?

Who was Moriarty?'

How did Conan Doyle begin writing?

Why did a famous actor want to marry Sherlock   Holmes

How it all began and why it continues to thrill every generation.

The Story of


From a low budget studio to one of Britain's most successful Film production companies.

Making international stars of Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, Hammer became an icon of 1960's film making in Britain.

Stephen is an acknowledged  authority on Hammer Films and took it as his specialist subject when he appeared on BBC's 'MASTERMIND.'

Dracula - In Fact, Fiction and Films.

How did Bram Stoker come to write Dracula, and what is the historical truth behind the vampire count? 

This talk is a fascinating glimpse into the origins of the character and how he has been portrayed in film and television for over 100 years.